This started as a hobby just for me, and because I love all this UV code stuff so much, has grown into a fun business. I keep an honest store with fair, competitive pricing. I do not get these codes for free. I know a lot of people think that's how sellers get them. I know it's true for some, you know, the ones who have video store/Redbox connections. But that's not me. I have to buy my codes. There is only two people I get my codes from, one not very often either, outside of codes from my own combo purchases. Pricing is established by taking into consideration what I have invested in the code, taxes, PayPal fees, rarity & demand.

You agree that by purchasing any items you are completely understanding what you are getting and how to use it. You will receive an email with your code/s. No physical copies will be mailed. You will get a code for the legal redemption of the movie to stream via streaming services such as Vudu, flixster, cinemanow, DisneyMoviesAnywhere, iTunes, etc. 

No guarantee on quality of redemption being HDX or SD. I have described HDX as coming from bluray movies, which usually redeem in HDX, but there have been a few exceptions. Same with SD codes from DVDs. I say this because there have been in the past HDX redemptions redeem as SD, and SD as HDX when a title first comes out. It's always a goof up by the studio, but out of my control. They do get the issue fixed. If I know this is happening I will mention it in the title and description. An example is when Elysium was released a couple years ago, all the HDX codes were redeeming as SD, and the SD as HDX. Sony goofed. Sony did get it fixed in about two weeks. There has also been some bluray iTunes codes that redeemed in SD not HD. Like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. This is out of my control. If this happens to you, this is something that you have to take up with the service you redeemed the code at, or the studio who released the code. It's not my fault if the code redeemed wrong. That's out of my control. I will not refund a code that redeems the wrong definition. I will send you a picture of the code slip, and you can contact the service/studio/or both to get the issue fixed. It's their responsibility, not mine. They're the ones who goofed up, not me. But, please let me know, so I can put the issue in the title and description of the code, until it gets fixed. 

If you purchase half a code ( I.e. the UV portion only, or the iTunes portion only), you agree to NOT USE, RESALE, TRADE, OR GIVE AWAY, the other half you did not pay for. Failure to comply, will ban you from this store. By purchasing a code, any code, from this store, you are agreeing to ONLY USE WHAT YOU PAID FOR, NOTHING ELSE!!! That is considered stealing, and will not be tolerated. Your purchase entitles you to ONE REDEMPTION per code!!! No other/alternate/Flixster glitch/ redemptions are included, or implied to be included, with the purchase of any code from this store. You buy UV, use UV. You buy iTunes, use iTunes. NOT BOTH!!! You only PAID for one! DO NOT STEAL FROM ME!!!

READ THE TITLE AND DESCRIPTION!!! If it's not mentioned in the title or description, ITS NOT INCLUDED!!! All pictures used are for reference to the movies being from a bluray, blue case, or from a DVD, no blue case. So if the picture is from a bluray case and says extended, unrated, etc, that's the way the bluray cases are. Unless the TITLE SAYS IT'S THAT EDITION, it will NOT be that edition. It just means that's how the bluray was released, and I used the picture of the case, for the code that came from the case. I'm not going to use a DVD picture for a HD code just because it doesn't say unrated, extended, etc. If I know that the code will redeem the same as the case shows, extended, unrated, etc, it will be mentioned in the title and description. This is especially true for iTunes. There are some iTunes codes that DO NOT redeem for any kind of special edition, like unrated, extended, etc, but the UV does. This is not my fault!!! READ WHAT YOUR BUYING!!! 

All codes are checked and verified good before sending. Exception, of course is XML. If, by some miracle, you get a non-XML code that says invalid/already used I will require proof. I pick what proof I want, not you, especially since pictures/screenshots can be faked. Claiming this will make me highly suspect, especially if you only want a refund, and not a replacement code, and not a replacement code of the same title.
All codes will be rechecked at a later time to see if they were redeemed correctly, and to make sure any other redemptions are still in tact and valid. The email sent to you with the code, also has your info on it, obviously. All orders with this info are archived here under my orders automatically. So this is a forever list of what names bought what codes, and what redemptions, for those codes they paid for. I will contact anyone who decides to steal redemptions they didn't pay for, and ask for payment of that redemption. Failure to pay for the stolen redemption will ban you from this store. I will also spread the word about any double dipper to other store owners and online communities. 

Paypal charge backs/disputes will be fought/won with proof from my store. I will also spread the word to other store owners and online communities about anyone trying to do this. This will also ban you from this store.