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Maleficent (HD DMR/DMA/DC+) +150 Points

Maleficent (HD DMR/DMA/DC+) +150 Points

12 USD
This is the redemption code from a bluray for the DisneyMovieRewards code ONLY. If you have the DMA (DisneyMoviesAnywhere) app, it will add this movie to your collection in HD. If you have your DMA account linked to your iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, or Amazon Video accounts, it will share and show in those accounts that are linked as well.

For redeeming via DMR/DMA you can redeem this in the DMA app under rewards, or at Or you can use DC+ to redeem at and choose which service you'd like to redeem it at.

This code is only good for ONE redemption then it's done.

You will also receive 150 DMR points 

No disc/xml required